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    Neon nail shadows

    Hello peeps. Just taken delivery of the new neon nail shadows. I've been having a play around but I can't get a nice even finish. Has anyone mastered a technique yet? Feeling very deflated as I was really excited to get them. Please help if you can.
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    Spray Tan solution headache!

    Hello Layla. would you mind telling me where you get your Vani-T tan from. I used to use it and love it as did my clients. It was distributed by planet blue but apparently they pulled the plug, Wow took over for a while then all of a sudden they seemed to disappear!!!! I am located in the...
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    chair rental arrangements and tax

    I havent posted on here for quite some time so i realize I am being a bit cheeky by asking you all for advice but I am a little bit flummoxed. I am looking for some help on renting arrangements and VAT. At the moment I rent space in a salon and pay a percentage, this has worked fine for the past...
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    Wearing Dust masks????

    Doing rebal's all day creates loads of dust, even with extracor and using a mask (always). Its the nature of the beast. Oil really does help when filing down before re-aplying the acrylic for a re-bal, but i prefer not to use it again till right at the end. I like to see where the dust is going...
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    Taking Care of Your Customers... How Far Do YOU Go??

    "NO" must look that up in the dictionary!! hate to say no to my clients. positivity is much easier than negativity.
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    The Creative Nail Academies are still operating as usual.

    You are obviousely in the know so this sounds very promising. Don't suppose you can elaborate any further????
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    Have a look at this!!!!

    Those pics were weird. Did you notic that suddenly on the last pic she had a watch on. Me thinks they were different hands - different nails.
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    Home salon & insurance

    Hi, this is a question for folks with a home salon or mobile. If you are running your business from home with a room set up as a salon, have you told your household insurers about it. Mobile folk, have you told your motor insurance that you use your car for business purposes...
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    I don't see this trend taking off somehow..

    The male brain is hilarious
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    The Hardest Zone

    Zone 3 is definitely a tricky little thing. Taper zone 2 right down so that there is no ledge, place your tiny zone 3 bead on top of Zone 2 then gently pat it into place & smooth over rest of zone 2, not forgetting side walls. Unfortunately im not good at teaching, but, Have you had a look at...
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    Advertising of Gel Toes for the Summer!

    I think £20. sounds fair. £20 it is then. Had mine on for 3 weeks now, just done a quick file down & they still look pretty.
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    Advertising of Gel Toes for the Summer!

    I did the gel course at CND just so I can do gel toes, they look fab. Can I be cheeky & ask how much you charge please?
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    How can i change my user name?

    Yes, & It just changed as if by magic. I'm sure any of the mods could help you too. I have noticed that Valencia nails is very switched on & knowledgable about computer stuff.
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    Thank you Diane Plummer

    Thanks Louise, I think I'll give them a call tomorrow. I'm only down the road which makes it even more frustrating that I couldn't go.
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    How can i change my user name?

    When I changed mine I asked The nail geek himself to do it for me & he did. Sometimes being a cheeky monkey pays off. I think there are other ways though but am clueless to those! Good luck