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    New to microblading and feeling totally deflated

    Everyone feels the same totally at the start I’ve done 3 courses and a semi permanent make up course and still Practice on fake skin from drawing to blading don’t panic keep practising it will get better xx
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    Can I go on the sunbeds with microbladed eyebrows?

    Hope this helps but even when healed your eyebrows will fade quicker with sun bed use x
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    Microblading help?

    Hope these attachments help x
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    Microblading help?

    They look very dry I microblading and I always give people there aftercare did they say to apply anything ? If your dry healing scans are normal and due the hair stroke affect they will look like hairs , don’t panic it’s a delicate healing process and sometimes most of the pigment can disappear...
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    Show us your Christmas trees!

    heres mine ;)
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    Help, microblading advice needed

    Heya there is a page on face book microblading for beginners which may help , It takes a good few months to feel achievable every company os different to do with case studies and so on just do your re search from previous students as it's a minefield , As for working from home you will need...
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    SPMU advice

    I trained in July this year with dermace and it was fabulous and the help and support afterwards is amazing can't fault them at all , well worth doing the 5 days x
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    Advice needed, skin peels, derma roller or needling

    I have the Dermatude machine from nouveau beauty group look into that one it's amazing results are real and a fab company for aftercare with amazing products for retail that walk off the shelves x
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    Magnifier glasses?

    I have magnifying glasses not for lashes for semi permanent make up they help lots
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    Microblading gone wrong-help!

    A machine isn't blading a machine is pmu totally different look ;( I've been doing blading for nearly a year but still am gaining experience and only post my work pictures, I've just trained last month at pmu machine it's so different to blading X how are they looking now ? Unfortunately the...
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    Microblading gone wrong-help!

    Did she use a hand tool ? Or a machine you would of heard the machine method, if you don't follow after care the pigment will come out a lot quicker but not so much with the machine as it goes slightly deeper ;( is she training ? I've just trained in machine method and the stokes look quite...
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    Microblading gone wrong-help!

    Heya they need a slight shape correction which can be done on top up, the strokes will lighten and go slightly finer , you do need to wait the 4 weeks until they are fully healed as your second picture there doesn't look like much is left in the skin they can also reappear within the 4 weeks if...
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    Insurance for microblading

    I've trained insured with babtac I think holistic offers this too you have to register and pay fees to your council also per year it is a very popular treatment, check with which course your doing that they are insurance then who with phone them as if you require case studies with your course...
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    Client always cancelling

    Ignore her grief if she texts back and is horrible say I'm really sorry I'm unable to accomadate your needs further and wish you all the best for the future then ignore her like she did to you on her doorstep she's very rude sounds like you don't need the Agro why she believes she can treat you...
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    Anti aging facial machine suggestions?

    Every area is different dependant where you are and appointment times again depends on what you offer face / face neck and decolette / face and neck with cleanse and tone without and with or without mask there are many different options available, I've been offering it for 2 years now and have...