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  • Just saw your post about needing a model; if it's a help then I run a site called salon guinea pig, Salon Guinea Pig - Find models for practising hair, beauty and nails treatments, college courses, training courses, competitions, etc. where you can search for models in your area - although please accept my apologies in advance for the search running like a dog at the moment - several new members joined recently and the database is seriously in need of a re-design!
    Ah I see now you want some nails done. If you PM your details, I'll give you a call x
    What is it you are looking for? Someone to do your nails or someone to work for you?
    Hi Gemma, sorry but I've onlyjust picked this message up soit is probably too late now. I would of course have modelled for you and will be happy to do soin the future.

    Really sorry about I didn't pick this up sooner

    Fiona x
    Hi Hun,

    Im not available myself on Sunday but I will ask some of my friends if they can help you out. They are always being my models!!!

    Will let you know
    hi, i just did the gels. not doing to great withit tho. i was taught with nsi but not liking the damage it leaves behind, hoping to get into bio sculpture. wot about you?
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