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  • Hi Lysa
    sorry i didnt realise what ad you had replied too as i had one for the tech and 1 for a hairdresser.I think there is going to be a lot of demand for nails as i am getting a lot of enquiries but one of the reasons hy i want to do the 50/50 split is so that someone can organise their own hours (around childcare or whatever) as i realise 9-5 is not for everyone but obviously the more hours you work the more you earn. I am planning on offering Minx but my other system would be OPI would that be a problem?If not it may be an idea for you to come over for a look around and a chat? Toni x
    Hi Toni, would it be just one nail Tech? Or is there more? Sorry to keep asking lots of questions. P.s I'm CND acrylic trained. I also do Shellac and Minx. And also a beauty therapist. Would you want someone who may only do a couple of days at first then build up to more?
    P.s you can see some of my work on my Geek page.x
    Hello Lysa thank you for your message. I currently open Wednesday-Friday 12-5 and Saturday 9.30-3 but this is just for the beauty services that i provide.I am currently looking for a hairdresser and a nail technician and i am quite flexible on hours and days as it is more important for me to get the right person. I would like the hair side to be full time because of the demand i am getting but i dont mind if it is 1 person or 2 part timers.If you need any more info please let me know. Best regards Toni

    I have just seen your ad. What hours are you looking for? Or days? I'm in Bingham.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi, yes i am finding it hard advertised in lots of places but responses i have had are from people with little experience so it looks like my business is going to have to open without hair services at the moment! Good luck to u too x
    Hi your ad sounds like several I posted but had no response from let me know how you get on as I'm finding it really hard with the hair recruitment. I put an ad in local suppliers and on a board outside salon but no one as yet sadly x good luck
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