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  • Hi I have done my first set of minx 108-1000000 - FR they are bright pink with a silver heart at the cuticle bed. My lamp hasn't arrived yet so I used a hair dryer - it was only me to i didn't mind! They look and feel fab I have a little free edge showing up on a few but think it's because I was a little eager to get them finished a pulling the excess off to quickly! I'll keep you posted on how long they last but say they should last between 2-3 weeks!! Lorraine x
    Hiya, My Minx kit has arrived - what designs did you get with yours? I am going to do my own tonight, and my sisters tomorrow - I ordered a few design's to promote but try and get the clients to pre order the designs in future to avoid having lots of unused stock. Let me know how you get on, I'll post some pictures soon. P.S Did you kit come with any training notes or have you just watched the demo video on the web site? Chat soon Lorraine x
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