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  • wow!! I have been on my Gelish training today in Winchester with the gorgeous Sarah.
    Amazing product..... can`t wait to get my delivery :)
    Hi, I am NVQ level 2 trained in beauty and level 3 in comp therapies and am very interested in attending a Gelish workshop/course. do you know of any in the Chester/N Wales area. Thanks
    fantastic where is the course please would you be able to send me details as luckily my neighbour can look after my daughter that day. So count me in. jackie
    hiya just looking at the gelish day at enfield. Would be perfect but no childcare do they have anything on site? Also I only passed my manicure and pedicure course a week ago do you think im too inexperienced to come to the training day. Also I dont know which gel system to train with, thinking calgel or bio sculpt and looking at shellac. but my head hurts so need some help thank you jackie x
    6 hours?! That's not funny.
    If you're not too busy in a couple of weeks (or is that a stoopid thing to say considering how close we are to Christmas?) I'd love to have them done again. Don't wait that long if you want a sunbed though, my entire shop is at your disposal. AND YOU'RE NOT FAT!
    Had a good day actually, Jo had a brilliant Roadshow and I had a 6 hour drive home stuck behind an accident! Anyways, just let me know when and I'll fit you in....may even use a sunbed....BROWNFAT is better than WHITE FAT!
    Bumped into Jason and your gorgeous baby at the weekend - he said you were in Doncaster. Hope you had a great day! My nails are still lovely - had to infill them and square them off again after two weeks of filing everyone elses! I never want to be without them!
    Had a great day today, thanks for all the demos, help and inspiration. Look forward to training with you again. xx
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