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  • Hi Nina... thanks for the message, it was lovely meeting you and your mum in the queue. do you know, I haven't had a minute to play yet but tonights the night!! I am going to leave work early and do my own nails with Hotski Tchotchke I think... Just ordered a couple of other bits from the website so will be excited when they arrive.. Wednesday I am Shellacing a collegue of mine (I work for Amex full time as a PA)..

    Glad you clients are lovely the new colours - I am sure they will be a great hit once I start wearing them to work...

    Take care and catch up soon Cally x
    Hi Moonbeam!! It's me your Olympia CND Buddy! You got all your Shellac stuff? How is it going? My clients love all my new colours! It was worth the wait nearly an hour to get them!!
    don't know how to make avatar pictures larger, yours looks like a long haired blue cat and having lost my gorgeous blue fur baby I wanted to see your photo and have a virtual stroke....xx
    Hi Jo, thanks for your note... I have also contacted S2 and waiting to hear back.,
    They said if I had a manicure / pedicure certificate I can Buy Shellac from them.. Just waiting for certificate to come through the post..

    I borrowed a friends shellac and did my nails.. Much easier to remove as I had to redo one tonight as I split the nail so repaired with silk and redid.,,

    Removal was only 10 mins so was really pleased..
    Hi Moonbeam, Thanks hun I am doing fine I wont let it get to me :) Your right though people do read what they want to lol. I want to do Shellac too but don't know where I can get the training in Cardiff. I have been in touch with S2 and I am waiting for them to e-mail back. Otherwise I heard Gelish is very good had a look online and they have loads of great colours. The thing that drew me to Gellux was the price it's so much cheaper and promised to do the same as Shellac. Let me know how you get on hun.xx
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