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  • Nice to meet you too chick...must come down to see you sometime! Keep in touch xxx
    it was fab to meet you as well!! I think my pix will be very helpful in keeping the names sorted to the faces lol
    hi its and MITSI FTO gpx... i recently sold her ans was gutted :( hope you like it :) xx
    Hiya Chick, i am doing the course in Glasgow on the 27th of october. All my family live up that way and i up there fpr half term so thought it would be a good idea to get it done while i was there. if you want the nu,ber let me know and i will dig it out for you! Cheryl xx
    If you already sculpt with Creative you may find you will work a little wet. But if you have tried it before you will know that lol. Have Fun hun. x
    Soz didnt catch you in time I went with my fella too! lol. Spent a fortune. Did you enjoy it just posted a thread in chat we saw Mario & Lisa there from Big Brother did you see them.
    Hello!!!! Can i just say thanks very much for the advice on the vista cards.I posted 250 and have 1 reply for a spray tan already!
    thanks hun i am soooo excited and even happier that it actually worked xxx
    dont feel bad!! theres nothing to feel bad about! you obviously thought it was right at the time so it dusnt really mata wot others say it could be worse!! dont feel bad!! keep smiling! xxxxxxx
    i dont think you did the wrong thing you did wot u thought best at the time thats all you can do! xx
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