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    How to remove all hard wax out of pot?

    I put it on Highest Hit and once its really hot spray wax equipment cleaner on Strips and wipe around works great.....
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    Tint lasting longer

    I also had a similar problem and i find that if colour tube or developer is old than they don't last also i had to leave it on longer to achieve color this could be the case i also use Refectocil .:)
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    How should I handle the most shameless client ever?

    Hope you are :) To begin with she is a problem , honestly i would not even give that appointment , she doesn't respect your service , skill nothing , you should stop giving her any appointment in future , Must better of without this terrible client... In my experience people who wants bargain...
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    Mobile phone theft in salon

    Hope you are feeling better now :) Yes they are too many of them , and quite difficult to catch as well. but worth reporting and forward them the CCTV Footage. also does she have Bank insurance ? that may cover as i have that ...
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    Mobile phone theft in salon

    Oh Dear I Feel your pain , my phone was stolen when I used to work in a salon , by two foreign looking women in front of 3 clients in reception waiting area it was in 2011 my husband got me new phone it was like 1 week old , they came in no staff in reception area (just clients waiting ) . They...
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    Does mobile = emergency to clients?

    Same Here , I have been Mobile since 4 years or so even some of my regular clients ask me for last minute appointments , and really all i do is if I can manage to fit them in i happily say yes but i really get frustrated if really can't book them in . so i guess its everywhere and i think home...
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    Hot wax, which areas?

    I have regular clients doing Hollywood i use hot wax for all even bum , i feel so much confident as i know hot wax is so much more gentle to skin so no skin ripping off ever. Strip wax is so much quicker but clients comfort is more hot wax...
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    Vinylux-do you charge more?

    I charge same as well . as Vinylux polish price not much different ..