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    Footsie pedicure setup?

    Has anyone used this footsie cart? If so could I please see your setups?? Thanks!! Xoxo
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    You could do this with acrylic and glitter, also with gel polish and drag loose glitter up
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    Vinylux top coat getting thick

    I have gone through several bottles of vinylux top coat, never reaching more than half way through before it becomes very very thick and stringy. Any suggestions?!
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    Does anyone use Vita Gel?

    I have some vita gel from when it was first replaced and never got much use from it because it would always peel. Has anyone had any luck with this product? Should it be used at a base coat under color coats? Or should I just toss the bottle?!
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    Striping tape tips?

    I have many clients that request striping tape because they like that metallic stripe look, although every time I try over Gelish or shellac it never sits flat on the edges, it always wants to lift up. Would removing the sticky layer be beneficial? Anyone have any tips? Thanks :)
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    Which gel brand?

    I use Young Nails as well, and love their acrylic and Synergy builder gel. It is wonderful, self leveling, but I've never had to remove them.
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    Different e-file bits and purposes?

    Thank you geeg :)
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    Different e-file bits and purposes?

    I am certified, but that was 9 years ago and they were not very informative, I agree, I do need to get re-certified, but until then, I just wanted a little input.
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    Good black for stamping?

    Those are wonderful, I've tried Vinylux and from what I've tried it's not thick enough. I ordered some black a while back and have still not recieved it
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    Different e-file bits and purposes?

    Can anybody tell me which nits they use, and for each purpose, ex: pep, finishing, taking off length/bulk? Brand of bits and pictures are welcome if possible :) Thanks!!
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    Good black for stamping?

    What is a good black that stamps well, and very solid?.
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    Is OPI GelColor better for difficult nails?

    I started off my career using Shellac and love it, it's still my favorite, but introduced Gelish into my services shortly after for more color options, and have of course noticed different nails hold up better with one or the other. I have the Brisa lite, and the Gelish structure gel to help...
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    Konad-all you need to know and your favourite pics!

    Is it best to stamp over the sticky layer of Shellac? Or is it better to top coat, clean, stamp, then top coat again?
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    Has anyone tried Gel Two?

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    Has anyone tried Gel Two?

    I'm in the states, so I'm not sure if Gel II is everywhere, but I've seen it in Nails Magazine, Nailpro, and one of my local supply shops. A colleague of mine had a bottle, so I tried it last night. It does not require a base coat, sop the service is quicker, but I'm am scared for removal time...