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  • It really needs no promotion - new clients are calling all the time, asking for it by name! It's a brilliant, versatile product. I gave myself a pedicure nearly 7 weeks ago now (the Tropix one in my album with the diamanté detail) and it is still gorgeous, and as shiny as the day it was applied. I will redo them soon, but only because of the regrowth! From a business perspective, it makes so much sense: I'm not sure what your rebalance prices are, but mine are from £25 for what is easily a 1hr+ job. Shellac, on the other hand, is from £25 for 30 mins (or 45 for a reshellac) - nowhere near as much work, either. :-)
    Honestly, you MUST! It has grown my business beyond belief! Shame you're not local, I'd have shown you all my Shellac kit. :-)
    hi, thanks for the pic comment. The pink in that pic is NFU.oh opaque pink powder xxxxx
    Hey there!! Thanks for your nice comments on my pics. The red ones with the white flowers were done with acrylic and then incased in clear. The NFU.oh glitters are pre-mixed and absolutely beautiful!! You can get them from Affiniti Nail & Beauty - Nfu.Oh, Mundo, Pro Impressions, Nfu Oh, Nail Products Oh, and welcome to salongeek!! xxxxxxxxxx
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