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  • Hello Mrs, still rubbish! Back in Doha now, flew back with a cold and I am still partially deaf and my ears are still popping, it hurts! I should have stayed a few more days really! I was so ill on Tuesday, was in bed for 8.30!! Spent most of my birthday on the wednesday in bed!!! How are you?
    Dear Mrs Geek.
    Well that is what i thought... i even joked the other day when my step sisters boy cut his head open that i would glue it up!!!! lol ( not that i would).. but sam honestly it burned and burned.. it was like acid melting on the skin.. i read a little up on it and it says.. " do not get adhesive on clothes.. to do so may cause burns"...
    Do you have the MSDS sheet at S2?.. maybe you could take a look for me.. my supplier are now closed... weird one i know...

    Can i ask if this is the adhesive that you are ment to "saddle" a bitter with?...
    Poor Gigi is not going to know what hit her when i get to our meeting / class... lol.. I have a list for her and one for carl.. they will prob throw me off the Sydney Har Bridge!!!
    thanks for your help
    Thanks Samantha, I have emailed you from as I can't for the life of me get Outlook to work with my laptop! I look forward to taking a peek! xx
    Aw thanks Mrs G. I'm sticking to my guns on this one, although I am slightly worried because I dont want to default on the agreement but there's no way I'm handing them fifty quid a month for no reason! They way the bloke at this place speaks to you is less than desirable too, and if I'm honest he's made me feel like I'm doing something wrong, even though I know I'm not!
    Thanks for your words of support, I shall keep you posted, and if I had to offer any advice to any salon owners, it would be not to touch a business development loan from the Chamber of Commerce unless your business would collapse without it!!
    Nice to see the nipple wear out again this festive season :D pmsl

    Have a wonderfull one ! xx
    I love them :lol: but not in that way! I am fantastic and just loving the opportunties I now have, see my greety blog for details PMSL xxxxx:hug:
    hi sam, that'd be great. this whole euro thing bugs me. esp with nimue- i put that much money into it! des nails didnt sell to me, but I''ll give you's a wee call soon. hope your well!
    Just wanted to say thank you so much for phoning the other day! Great tips, just cant wait to put them into practice. Could've chatted all day, unfortunatley i had the switch machine man in who was pestering for attention ~ serious multi-tasking!!! Thank you again. Hope to catch up one day!
    now by looking at mr geeks FB status i have his strange image in my head of you all sitting about trying to speak like scoucers!!! i just cant imagine it lol!!!
    ohhh, you already saweded it!! lol.
    i am using the facts to make a point, but still people want to argue the toss. i give in!! lol.
    You are welcome Samantha... I hadn't even realised you were not on my friends list until today. Fiona wanted me to read your blog and I couldn't and she said perhaps you should become friends lol!!! It was a very interesting blog too... give me a lot of food for thought :hug:
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