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  • Hi Samantha - thank you so much for everything, I cannot believe that I've really been in the same room as so many industry icons all at the same time, passing on their remarkable talent. Thank you for all the wonderful goodies that S2 have given us all. I'm inspired, elated & eager to show how great I can be from all I have learned this weekend - watch out - I'm going to be booking my L&P masters courses soon!:hug:
    Hi Samantha, itwas awsome to meet you all at the EVENT, Thankyou all so much for such a fantastic weekend! For me it is definately going to be CND all the way no other products even come close! Thankyou again, loadsa hugs, Jo. :hug:xxxx
    hey hun heard that the event went really well, just wanted to drop by and say well done to you both and that i hope that it was all that you wanted it to be, fill me in on all the goss when you have a chance xxxxxx
    Good luck in what I am sure will be a fab weekend enjoyed by everyone. I am just so sad not to be going but I am sure there'll be more Events. Have a boogie and a vino for me xxx
    Hiya just a quickie, as i know that you are realy busy (probably an understatement!)

    I was just wondering if you could tell me the Creative nail colour used in your "Feathers" poster? Fab colour, want it for myself but have had a lot of enquiries about it when they've seen the beautiful poster. I think the ladies love it as the Christmas season is nearly upon us and want a dark colour, other than a dark red to go with their evening dresses.

    Thanks Sam
    Hi Sam,
    Sorry to pester you when you already have a lot on your plate. Not sure if you've read my thread re: winterberry scentsations.
    Just wondering if we'll be getting it this side of the pond too? and if we are...... when?
    Hi Hunni, Badges have been ordered should be here at the start of next week by the latest. The comapny that I have used were wicked and they sorted out the file you sent me to just use the logo part! I cant wait. I also ordered 100 of them so we will have some left over either to sell or give to those who are not members of geek yet to remind them to join! They are an inch round badge and I think they are gonna look the business rather than my home made jobbies! OOO Samantha it is sooooooo exciting only a few more sleeps to go. Hotel has been booked, got our train tickets and now got the thing I was starting to panic about sorted out too! luv and hugs sweetie see you soon!
    Hi Samantha. Just wanted to let you know I made my first order from Sweet Squared on Tuesday ( I got Minx!!) it arrived Wednesday I was so impressed and very excited lol. I have Minxed my toes in gold and they look lush, it's got everyone buzzing! So a big thumbs up all round. I'm gonna Minx everyone I know xx
    Aw thanks chicka you are a diamond!!! Will get onto it now and post new thingy in chitchat lol mwah hunni. xxxxx
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