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  • Great thanks! Still working hard as a nail pro! Recently returned to work after maternity leave. I have a little girl and boy now, and decided to re launch my business with the promotion of Shellac. Wow that was a wise move!!!! Busier than ever! So I'm on here a little bit just to keep up with the on goings! xx
    Fab to catch up with you and Sam again today at PB! Hope to see you again soon :hug:
    Hi Samantha!
    Im desperately trying to stock glitzy lips in austria. No distributor however. Could you help me? Im opening a new shop with retail in Mai and would love to present these! Would be fab for advertising etc
    Hi Samantha, Long time no chat hope all is ok with the family. Just a quick heads up and some advice if you can? I took on the shellac range and love it also clients are hooked....... i got an sms message from a local company ( nothing to do with Andrew), stating they had the full range of Shellac so i went to see what was going on...... i found out that they are selling to most of cyprus under the name and trade mark of CND and Shellac. They tell me its made by the same factory that makes CND and its in china????? The bottles are identical but labelling totally different i also found out its a company called Blue Sky in china. I bought a bottle so i have the ability to send photo and details. The product smells differerent, the product is different and takes a long time to remove, it is like a normal generic gel...... give me a heads up on what i should do...... i am getting feed back here that shellac is no good and is damaging nails which as you can imagin is damaging my business no end. thanks for your time.

    Helen x
    By the way Samantha, when you said 'Cock on Kimmi Rocks', was it a typo of just reference to what I do all day? lol xx

    It's Katie Ellison. I've just checked her Salon brochure and I was wrong, she is actually charging £15 for Shellac! Perhaps that's a bit too low, but I do think the area makes a difference in the prices.

    I hope I haven't got her into trouble or anything by telling you that! x
    Thank you Samantha, I was very surprised and very happy about that lol. I was back at work when I found out too :)) xxx
    Thank you for the rep. I didn't even know what it was or where to find it, just came across it now by accident! Thank you xx
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