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  • Hi there, i am interested in doing the Brisa Gel nail course. Im in Northern Ireland. Do you have a contact number? Thanks
    My first and only friend so far!!! I don't really want to comment on many of the posts because I don't think I'm qualified to give an opinion yet!!! Wait until I start my course and I'll probably be posting questions and comments constantly!! xx
    I've got that feeling already!! I'm booked onto the course for the 28th....can't wait...hope to see you then, thanks a mil for all your help :)
    Karen, I just want to say a huge thank you for yesterday!!.. I was really like a little kid in a sweet shop and wasn't expecting to get anything ... honestly!!.... I can't wait to get going now with my Minx.

    My Mam was so funny, she wouldn't stop looking at her nails and kept rubbing them and telling me where they had puckered and that I wasn't stretching the Minx like Kerri did LOL!!!... she went to her line dancing last night and decided to leave them on to show all the other women... I'd say they thought she'd lost it!!

    Thanks so much again Karen, it was really lovely to meet up at last :hug:

    Chat soon x
    I can't believe you're teasing me with the new Shellac colours ... I'm trying to be good and I've banned all use of my credit card.. well for at least two weeks anyway LOL!!!... I can't stop thinking of them now :cry:
    Oooh just saw my rep you gave me... thanks a million, you're really making me smile today!! :):hug:
    I forgot to mention in my PM that I was very busy over Xmas and didn't have too many cancellations because of the snow... clients still loving Shellac and I honestly don't know how I coped without it.. January is looking good so far and I have a full book for this week and next so hope it stays that way!!
    Hiya Karen... where the feck are ye these days missus... I'm all lonely without you :'(
    Thanks for all the info, I ordered my minx today and hope to order Shellac in the near future. xx
    Hi Karen, hope your keeping well! Sorry havent been on in ages and ages! I text you when i got back that day did you not get my message?? It went really well in the salon, she asked me could I do two days a week for her but the day I was due to go in and talk to her something happened at home and i really couldn't make it. was gutted but there was nothing i could do. :( not to worry tho.. everythin happens for a reason I guess!
    I set up at home though over the last few weeks and things are going really well. Lots of bookings already so hopefully it works out. Fingers and toes crossed!
    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your great advice on my Strange Polish (technique) Request thread. I tried to 'rep' you but I gotta spread the love. Your advice is MUCH appreciated! :hug:
    Still trying to sell the house, but had a really fab viewing on Saturday, they need to sell their house in the UK but I'm mega positive about it :D
    Our daughter has got a salon placement and starts properly next week, she's over for a few days at the moment, loving having her home. Andrew completed his phase 1 training at HMS Raleigh and is now doing phase 2 at Collingwood :D
    It's all good stuff... just need loads of positive vibes for the house lol

    So pleased to hear things are going well over there Karen... one of these days we'll meet up, at one of the shows maybe? :hug: x
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