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  • How's things missus?... bet you're glad to have your computer back now those exams are over.. how did your daughter think she did?.. bet she's a right little brain box :)
    Hiya thanks for the welcome and i totally agree, this site is so addictive!! Cant find the time to practice at all !! lol
    Hiya Karen.. thanks for not leaving the Irish group... I'd be lost without you and I'd have to have hunted you down and dragged your arse back anyway!! LOL!
    Lol Mrs O!
    If you look at the very top of the page onthe right it say your name, then setting and it will open a new window, look down the main screen and it will show you what threads you under the the title of 'Latest Reputation you've received' - the list will be there of what people have said & who it was....and you can click on their name to say thanks xxxx
    Thank you for the rep. I wish the mods would ban that meddlesome person... after all, they are not even a professional!
    Whaddya mean well done... it was YOU that kicked the group up the arse.. fair play to you, it's so great to see isn't it?.. ha ha even Steve is getting in on the act!! :)
    Hey Karen,

    Our Irish group is beginning to really hot up now... we'll be taking over the main forum soon .... LOL
    My spelling is awfull and yes i have now joined the irish group even though i am an English/plastic paddy and that skeletal arm was over the door of that pub !!
    Thank you for the Rep points. I notice the original person did not come back & answer my question?!! :) xx
    Its Kilcullen you ignoramous!And i will get back to you regarding your ridiculous claims !
    Have you joined our Irish Group yet?Angel has a welcome there for you-its a song!
    In Irish-naturally!
    i just googled it its donnelys !! hollow and its all true the irish boxer killed the british champion george cooper there .. donnelys arm was cut off after his death and was above the door of the hideout pub in killkullen for years i actually saw it as a kid there was footsteps cut into the turf on the curragh and i remember standing in them ?
    The Curragh is just a step down the road.Its famous for horse racing- been there many a time-sometimes I never saw a horse atall- just the bar!
    Is Donnelons Hollow a myth?
    i know naas well I spent my child hood on the curragh every summer have you been there ? i recall some steps and footprints from a boxer that killed his opponent and his heart was so heavy he sunk into the ground going up to collect the trophy the foot prints were still there in the 1970s !! Think it was called donelons hollow ??
    Dia duit and thanks for the rep Mrs O.. niel ..sullivan...connell ?? you got me guessing my family are from Newbridge co kildare I see your from Dublin hope your well X
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