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  • thanks so much for your advice and kind words funny thing is they left b4 i converted and i now know the uv gloss terminoligy lol so its there lost let them travel 55 mins to get ther nails done ! it is a confidence thing would like to get some salon experience else where i rent a room but would like to see a pro at work :(
    I tried to give you some rep for that last post re the Irish groups LOL... but I've already repped you this week so have to go spread the love..............
    Thanks Karen... I really am starting to feel like I'm talking to myself LOL... great post by the way.. lets hope you will get the ball rolling :green:
    Hey Irish... I am sure it will be fine. in middle of LFW so will email properly the moment I get back xox
    Hi Karen
    Please can you call me about judging on 0208 302 2020, ta very much! See you at Dublin! From Rachel Myatt xx
    Just to wish you the all the best with your new Spa opening!!
    (You do know who I am? LOL:lol:)
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