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    Blondeme gone yellow

    Thanks as I've looked at it in the daylight i had started thinking to re-bleach. Condition is fine. With hindsight probably would have been worth giving it the full developing time xx
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    Blondeme gone yellow

    Which range is that toner in? Xx
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    Blondeme gone yellow

    Natural base 3. Dyed yes to a 6. 9% of the matching developer xx
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    Blondeme gone yellow

    Hey everyone.....i messed up! Thought i would try blondeme on my own hair. It looked like i had achieved colour when i checked a strand after 30 mins. However when i washed it off i have got this yellow orangeness. I used the cool bleach and tone in the mix so hoped that would get rid of it cos...
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Glad I did these instead of watching football last night! Acrylic with copper leaf encapsulated xxx
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    Advice with client refusing doctor's letter

    You've done the right thing. Hopefully she doesn't come back. I had to refuse treatment in a elderly client of mine. 2 days before Christmas. I felt terrible, it took a bit of convincing as she was very disappointed but luckily she accepted I wasn't going to do it cos I felt it was in her best...
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    Coloured gel

    Do you think they might be trying to explain that they want bio sculpture or calgel? X
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    How to make acrylic strong?

    I would post some pictures of your work so we can have a look. Takes a long time to get really good. Xx
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    Bio Sculpture application help! Trained tech

    Post some pics of your work and some of the ladies here might be able to help xxx
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    Bio Sculpture application help! Trained tech

    I would refer back to the notes bio sculpture gave you, and contract your educator if your still struggling. With the lifting I suspect this is down to your prep. I know with l and p that's the main reason. Need to make sure all the dead skin is removed xxx
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    Sterilising machines?

    I know what your saying but. For the expense of the machines unless you run a bar with several girls in it it's not worth it. Autoclaves get so hot you need to take precautions, really it's only worth having that level of disinfection when you have tools touching bodily fluids like epilation or...
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    Sterilising machines?

    Why do you want to switch from barbicide? X
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    Help with white tip using liquid and powder

    I've noticed your from the states. Gamma Lambert is a UK nail tech who does amazing tutorials try watching her on utube for tips. I was also taught the way you do it but could never quite get the hang of it. Reverse application is really popular over here xxx
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    Help with white tip using liquid and powder

    I would try doing a reverse application then. You put a cover pink on the nail bed first. File your smile line to crisp up then do your white. There are loads of videos on reverse application and if your sculpting you will probably find it a much easier way of doing French. Especially if your...
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    Advice on IBD

    Yes that's no problem xxx