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  • Hiya Dawn
    hope you got home OK.
    It was great working with you, but boy was I shattered, I had to go to bed for an hour (which is totally unheard of). Bet your exhausted.
    Hiya Dawn
    I take it you don't come onto geek very much as I haven't heard from you in a few days.
    I may be offering training in Leeds/Yorkshire soon. are you still interested in training with me?
    Hello dawn i just wanted to say sorry once again for having to cancel on the 27th, i felt so awful i could barley stand up, plus both my kids had it too. If Helen would like to book again that would be great.
    hello dawn, just to keep you informed i got on to vista print and my brochures are now on there way, so i will see you on fri at 2pm! xx
    oh right i know where wath is really just down road from me. Im qualified in l&p and gel, can do silk as well but prefer not to, im opi trained and confident at what i do. please look at Jelly Tot Nail Creations | Barnsley and surrounding areas this is my site as im currently doing mobile but im finding it a tow with having kids, would like set hours and days. What is the weekly rent please? What hours/days do you require? I am interested.
    Hi Hun, not to good the dog died the other day! so a little sad today, but apart from that good!
    I have signed upto facbook, though not to good on it yet LOL and I have no friends :-( x
    hey missy how you doing. do you happen to have facbook, i just joined and getting to be a addict lol hope you had a wonderful weekend xx
    hey you. I am good, just been clothes shopping with my son grrrrrrrr his 20 times more picky than my girls ever were.
    i have done a few nose waxing this week. love it lol xxxx
    hey you. Didnt end up at pics, we ended up for a nice meal and then shopping. had a lovely day. Chilled today. x hope you have had a lovely day today
    have a wonderful sunday. i taking my eldest to the cinema today, she wanting some mummy time lol
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