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  • Cheers Hun - I know I read it back! Thanks sweety big hug. How goes it then?
    don't think Mum was referring to you honey bless you i think it was the whole don't use the cnd lamp post she was referencing :) x x
    Hello, god I'm so crap, I miss all these. Need better notifications lol. Did you do your case studies? I've done 2 so far x
    It's fine no worries - I just wanted to make sure you got it! I have had 2 v pleased and 2 said wasn't enough product. I think I have been putting too much on top and not underneath - weighing it down - I'm supposed to be teaching this v soon myself but have a way to go before I feel I can do a brilliant job - I am a perfectionist afterall lol!!! Already got one in the Isle of Man - so Louise said let her know when I'm confident enough. hx
    Hi Helen...good job you told me....just found it in my spam folder! I'm pretty manic today will try to take a look tonight! xx
    Hi Helen,
    It did rather well for a couple of days but seemed to just disappear from my top lashes, or maybe it didn't disappear I just got used to it. bottom lashes still looking good though. I am putting mascara on top lashes but that is only because we didn't really have time to put more on. Have you done all your case studies yet? I have been so busy in the salon with previous bookings that I have only managed to do one so far, my second one I couldn't do because of a reaction (but not to MYscara I don't think), so re testing her next week when her rash has subsided.
    Hi Helen,

    You will first need a teaching qualification such as PTLLS, NVQ Assessors, City 7 Guilds etc. The Guild can offer an online PTLLS course if you require it (Beauty Guild : Guild PTLLS Teacher Training Course). For Guild insurance purposes, your training will then need to be accredited by us before we can accept it for insurance purposes. If you would like more information on the accreditation, please contact my colleague Thereasa on 0845 2177 386 or email her at
    Awwh it's gone!!.. such a pity... I always have problems uploading my pics and for some reason I have to make them all smaller and then upload them twice, so I have two albums with duplicate pics, but if I don't do it twice you can't see them at all... very weird!!
    Oooh I just love the way you've done your profile... I've no idea how to do that!!
    Hi Helen
    Katie asked me who had recommended her and I said not sure, but will tell her now!
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