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  • Hi, was just reading through your post on the new bio sculpture product again and noticed you said you've paid £10. What have you paid for? Professional Beauty - Monday 15 October - Live Stage On this link to the show, Bio Sculpture are on the live stage, but it's free. Thanks xx
    Thanks so much for your message about foils they really helped and i am getting much better coverage now, did gelno.89 with the aqua foil and it looked wicked on hands and toes. Thanks for being there!
    HI! OMG where can I get these Dashing Diva tips from please? They sound amazing. I run a mile v quickly when someone wants French. Lack of practice & lack of anyone asking!!!
    Hi Mrs P...sturgling to get anyhting but a very random effect with the foils. Could you give me your present I have tried clear gel cure then place foil on top and press firmly but hardly any of it stuck which lead me to a background colour gel which looked better but really want to know how you get your big chunks of foil off on to the nail. love your work. Love willmarsh
    Hi Carol, thanks very much for your advice on Bio group - the clear away tray sounds fab! Can recommend where to buy one from please? Thanks! Jo x
    Hi carol thank u or messaging me back, I would never have thought about mixing those 2 gels together but the colour is fab, well done xx
    Thank u (again) :) yes think my family have been trying to encourage me bless them! I think ur right mite get abit funny trying to put prices up when qualified (may just say this set will be 10 the next set will be and find an amount I want to charge) just so they know what's coming :) really appreciate all ur help xx
    I think sometimes you need to be in the right mood when trying something new, and when you tried it again this time there was so much more inspiration and help on troubleshooting etc that would have made it a lot easier if a mistake was made :) I'm so glad you are loving it just as much as we all are....its perfect for those like me who suck at free hand lol!! No worries :) i'm always knocking around SG if you need help, just like all the other avid konaders :) xx
    Hi Mrs P! Just wanted to stop by and say how amazing you have become so quickly at konading!!!! It's very addictive isn't it and you are doing some cracking stamping. You should be really please with your progress. Keep at will NEVER get bored of it :) xx
    Thanks. Yes I did them. The black and gold ones are my hands and the brown and cream are those of a client.
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