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  • I've only just seen your announcement, I am so very pleased for you hun, we'd all love to see photo's, when you get the time lol
    Congratualtions NikkiEnjoy your beautiful little girls!Hope they are everything you wished for!Julie
    I only just saw this and wanted to say huge congratulations. Guess this means you won't have time to do nails anymore!!! xxx
    Oh my, your scans are amazing. and you're over half way now. I'm getting so excited for you lol
    Your photo's are fab and remind me of when I had mine. Great news that everythings ok with them, but just make sure they actually are girls before going to buy lots of girly stuff. A friend of mine was told she was having a boy, and lo n behold, a baby girl was born ! xx
    Congrats honey I have just posted of you blog. Take it from a Yummy Mummy of twin boys it is hard work bit twice the fun......
    ohhh scan pis... they kinda scare me lol. I think i am a babyphobe! :D

    Massive congratulations though!!!

    :hug: xxx
    Hi Nikki, Hope your feeling well...? Ive just been looking at your scan pictures, and left you a little message. xx
    Congratulations on your double happy news, i have only just seen your blog but i am sooooooooooooo happy for you :hug: xxx
    Oh well I am now very sad :( Nikki how can you not remeber me? Have you forgotten out virtual hen-night all those years ago?
    Just seen your photo's on face book, Twins!!!! I wish you were here so I could hug you, I bet you haven't stopped smiling:hug:
    Just seen your latest blog, I'm blown away hun, really, what wonderful news, so made up for youxxxxxxxxxx
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