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  • 3 days over, im knackered, it went really well and i was really pleased with my first set, but lets see how they fair in 2 weeks lol
    thank you!!! I have some kind of tummy bug..bleah! plus only just been able to get online, had very dodgy internet connection for the past couple of weeks! thanks for the vibes xxx
    Don't be nervous....there is no reason to be....
    Excited yes!!! But you will be so tired...it is amazing how much goes into it...I was like a zombie each day...!!!
    oh bugger the VAT...it does get in the way...
    but yay yay you are booked in....not long to go then!!!!
    You will love it...but it is so exhausting :D xxxxxxx
    I am fine thanks chicky....and you?
    Have you booked that course yet? I am on tenterhooks waiting :D
    Tell me about it! WE banked a really big cheque last year, and it took them 1o days. Funny that isnt it, when there's interest to be earned from it!! Well let me know when you get it booked, ooh its exciting, I love CND training courses!!
    ooh not too bad hun, hows you? I'm just doing some browsing, I need a new nail station cos mine's pants! Have seen a nice one but need to check if its any good before I part with the cash.
    Hows work going, any better?
    Mrs R I have just read your message. Please email me your details to samantha@sweetsquared.com so that I can make sure all is well. We do send class but the info should still be with you by now!! Hope this helps!
    Lord yes!! Jason said "what was that" I said "it was a mini earthquake and he said "dont be daft"!!! hee hee Im always right!
    Funny you should mention! Just tried to sign up to be told my email address is already on there somewhere! I've clearly been on it at some point, I'm just waiting for an email to tell me my password!!
    pmsl...I go as far as putting things in my 'basket/checkout' then a few days later I would get an email from the websit saying they noticed I had a lot of stuff in my basket but hadn't ordered it!!!!
    I would be so ashamed even though they had no idea who I was...
    but it was fun shopping that way :D
    So you are not alone...:hug:

    Black and white...who cares...you still look too good!!!! :D
    awwwww :hug: you are welcome...
    I was the same when I started out...I wanted everything...!!!
    I just had to get my hands on something...so I spent most of my time going on websites and 'pretend' buying... sort of like window shopping...
    But I am glad I waited .... because I know for sure I would have bought stuff I didn't want or need.
    How about going on Vistaprint and ordering some free business cards...? It is good to play about on there too...it can really get you into the spirit of things....:D
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