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  • well hello there you trent reznor lovin geek lol! nice to see another geek into good choonz xxx
    I WILL go again if they do another UK date, if that happens I'll let you know we could have a geek meet at a NIN concert (cant see many other geeks being keen though!!!)
    OMG I saw NIN last August at the Carling Festival, I cant begin to tell you how good they were, and Trenty boy was looking niiiiiiiiiiice!
    Running a business from home is defo more complicated than you would think. My mortgage and insurance co. were OK with it as I am insured through the Guild, it was just the council who were being a pain in the butt. So I am mobile, and that's OK. Bit sore on my back when I have to take the bed with me but I shall have to put up with that.

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