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  • Well lets make it happen then. :hug: I'll be in touch re the times and in the meantime, you get organised with a model and keep both days free until I let you know, which will be as soon as I can next week..
    Hi hun, thanks for the message, sorry I've not been in touch sooner, I havent been on the site much recently. Things are much better thanks, he;s been diagnosed now with coeliac disease, which is an arse because he cant eat lots of his favourite foods now, and teatime in my kitchen is like a cafe with the separate meals, but it;s so much better than the other things we thought it could have been. How are you anyway, is the fertility treatment getting any more bearable? I would imagine things are a bit better with your new less stressful job these days anyway. ooh p.s did you get my text with my new mobile number?
    JUst wanted to say that I'm so glad Poppy's home, you must be over the moon!! Have a wel deserved bottle of wine tonight and give your kitty some tlc!!
    Things are gud, just at Saks at the minute doing my Make-Up course,really enjoying it. Still practicing my nails 2 determined to perfect them. How are things with you? xx
    good news about the new jobxx hope you get on ok with it .. good to get a bit of time in the evenings aswell xx
    Ah no probs hun. Its a monthly thing and we are planning on going regularly, so we can do it another time - a celebratory night to commemorate the end of night shifts perhaps?
    Ah bless yer hun! How are you anyway? any nearer to finishing those night shifts?
    I know this probably will be no good for you, but me and Kirsty (Amethyst) are going to the Wendy House in Leeds next Saturday. If you find that you are able to come and you want to you are very welcome.
    hi. was just looking at a thread you posted on to old to learn and found it interesting as i am 36 although i have qual behind me , after just bringing up a family i am just starting out . i have added as a friend not quite sure how it works on here so sorry if i am wrong to do so . any advice would be very much welcome xx
    that is soo a lovely reply, thankyou, no ones ever said that about me before, thankyou, you will be great, just take your time, i do each nail as it needs to be done xxxx
    Sorry for the late reply, only just realized I had a msg. Just getting the hang of this site. Things are going well thanks, How about you? Im doing Brisa on the 9th of June just struggling to find a model, may have to use the dreaded nail trainer! When are you doing it? xx
    Your own lashes have a life cycle of 6-8 weeks, and these lashes fall out when your own do. Usually 2 weeks is the point where you notice a few gaps between your lashes, but you may have the odd few lashes that fall out before then because those lashes have reached the end of their life cycle. So they would last until sat, yes, and that would be great if you could hand some cards out for me :)
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