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  • Its about 2 hrs for a full set of lashes. I'm free all day wed and thurs next week if either of those are any good to you? xx
    Hey, sorry i've got a couple of clients booked in tomorrow, but sometime soon would be good, just let me know when you're free xx
    Thanks for the rep! Knowledge is for sharing......

    Off topic, I shared a trick at the stables last week and one of the helpers said 'wow, how do you kow this?' - I replied 'by bring old and having experience!!'. Same applies to nails, a couple of years down the line you'll have seen these things for yourself...... Sorry if that's patronising - don't mean it to be :hug:

    Hope your hubby isn't too hungry later btw!
    Hey, yes please, its eyelash extensions i'm wanting to practice mostly if thats ok with you? I'm happy for you to practice on my nails anytime too xx
    You're very welcome, and congratulations on passing! Not that I ever thought you wouldnt. So how are things going? I hear you are doing nails on real live people now, sounds like its all going in the right direction!
    your more than welcome, I just want you to see you doing well xx you've had a great tutor in Kirsten (I know coz she's mine as well!!) so wishing you all success xx
    No problem - had a good time. Thoroughly enjoyed myself!

    Well done for last night - you will get better with every set. Have confidence and go forward!
    i niped to ur pic ur cats r lovely i adore cats i had to leave my cat Rubia back home because of moving to the UK....:-(
    good luck with nails and congratulations...xx
    hey hun, sorry i missed you, hope it went ok today and that you wernt to nervous, let us know how it went babes xxxx
    Your welcome hunny, its nice to see some one taking their training serious and putting in as much hard work as you do,
    you will get there hun but it does take a while for it to become second nature xxxx
    thank you hun, do you know what ,you are soooo right, i think in my feeling sorry for myself state, id forgotten exactly why i started nails, cos i was sick of the damage caused, thank you for reminding me, mwah xxxxxx
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