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  • Hi nikki,

    How are things going? Got my first client booked in for June 8th so nerve racking. Was wondering did you manage to get a mobile manicure station in the end as Ive had a look but cant find a decent one. Thought the info guru might have some tips for me. xxxxx
    Thanks chick.
    Thought it was bout time I started chatting to people rather than just browsing forums :)
    Big hug for you hun, it was only your first set hun and nerves got the better of you - dont dwell on it, you will be much better next time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I still do crappy sets and I've been trained for over a year and a half!! xx
    From reading your posts,i feel your confidence will grow....believe in yourself,be inspirational,and instill good education in your clients....they will come back to you,and will respect you more....and for the time wasters...they are not worth it....reading your journey even gives me some inspiration hun....and now i feel like crying....so good luck in your venture....you are going to go far xxxx
    If you want to get cheaper candles check out somethingforthewickend, I buy the packs of 20 (works out cheaper than buying 10 packs of 2) Sorry if you already know about this and I'm teaching to to suck eggs lol xx
    Have you had it done? I get completely wasted lol and feel like I'm floating afterwards - oohhhh a lovely feeling xx
    Good for you girl on the ear candles. It really is a lovely relaxing treatment, you obviously have made your own decisions and thats great. I love ear candles and nobody is going to put me off either x
    awwww, sounds just up my street!!! I've had the new year zero album on lately, its fab.
    Speaking of which, have you seen my new profile picture?
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