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  • Everybody stresses about there time but to me and alot of others....being the fastest nail tech is not always the best....thats when you make mistakes and because they are rushing.....the finished nails look poo......take your time and before you know it your time will be quicker.....relax and look at the course as "if i pass i pass"......dont look at it as "i HAVE to pass"...thats when you will be nervous and make mistakes.....take time and practice hun...you will do it i know you will ...if not ...then try again xxxxxxxx :hug:.....like your profile page xxxxxxxx
    Hello hun....how are things going with you????....hope your not so stessed about your course now!!!!.....we are all here to help.....sod the time....i know your putting on great nails hun.....you will pass and be a brill nail tech xxxxxxxxxxxx
    You havent driven me insane at all!!! You just need to be a little more confident, if I could see a problem I would point it out, you are doing very well and considering you are ill your progress is great! You have only been doing it for 3 days remember!!!!!!
    How are you feeling about it all now you have had a day off from being in the classroom?
    Hi ya, are you going to the NEC on the 13th? if so will see you there I'm meeting up with Warwick Wendy and Bexi would love to meet you to?
    I mean it huni.....your doing great....keep up your good work xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Now then mrs R...after reading your blog i feel i have to send you message....!!!! were all here to help thats why this site is up and running......it does not matter how long you take....were all human and we all have to start somewhere......you take as much time as you like cos its not about time....its about the nails you put on someone .....so stop giving yourself a hard time....if you need another chat you can pm me anytime huni :hug:...xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I mean it, if Chelle says you did good, then you did good.
    My first full sets as in probably the first 10 sets took me 3 to 3 and a half hours, you're gonna be fine hun, I can tell, I've been hanging around this place long enough to spot the ones who've got what it takes, and you have, you've been one of us from the first time you posted, so get your stuff out and just do one nail for tonight, as an extra to keep and look at in 2 weeks time.:hug:
    Dont be so silly! You havent been moaning at all!!!
    You are doing really well, it is hard work, but I have every faith that you will do just fine!
    See you in about an hour anyway!!
    o0h go on you'll be fine, Talk to kirsten if you have any problems and we are all here to help if we can xx and relax and enjoy xx
    Yes I see that... and you need to stop!! 1000'S have been there and done this. Get your head straight - stop stressing and take it one step at a time. It's simple when you think about it... Consultation, Prep, Application, Finishing and Home Care... now calm down... take some breaths and chill and DON'T think about them for an hour or so - watch TV and get your head staright!
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