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  • thanks for agreeing on that brush cleaning post, some us have to stand united :) much appreciated
    Haha! There's no stopping me when I have the microphone! Flippin hard job actually! Those competitors are brutal
    Would have said hello to you Marian at Olympia Beauty recently, but you were far too busy shouting into your microphone asking the models to stand away from the competitors/leave the floor, when one of the comps had finished! :D
    Sweet Squared sell it or you can get it online at any booksellers, eg Amazon or Habia. Anywhere really. Good luck with your training. Being on here will be a great resource for you. Marian
    Hello Mum, heard great comments about you and your book, just started training for nails and would like to know where i can purchase you latest addition book , thanks xx
    There's quite a bit but the one you have will, I hope, be fine for now x
    sorry mum, the books still fab is there much addition to the new one? ur manicure techniques have been fab my partner fell asleep whilst i was practicing!! hehe x
    Oh MissLB, you've bought the 2nd Edition! There's a 3rd edition out now. But thanks for your kind words x
    i am such a div i've just realised who u r mum!!! lol i just bought ur book and i am totally hooked to it!! i should have clicked with ur profile picture considering its on the cover of my book!! ha hope u r well!! xx
    Sal and I are so excited about seeing Bertie's puppies on Thursday, Marian! I really hope you are around so that I can meet you too. G. xx
    The 3rd Edition has recently launched. It has all relevant updates plus 2 new chapters: Business Matters and E Files. Hope you like!!
    Hi Marian, is there any difference between your book with the two different covers? I like the one with the girl on the front :) Can't wait to read it.x
    Was about to say hello to you at PB today, and then you disappeared! Never mind, perhaps we'll get a chance to meet another time. Good luck in Paris :hug: x
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