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  • Yes! I know! I was just taking the mickey out of you! Mentioning that she is the 'Geek's' MiL i.e. ''er indoors, mother'! LOL Sorry if you misunderstood it. I'll put it right if you did xx
    LOL, it wasn't you who was arguing with Geeg, it was that silly woman who was insinuating we were being unprofessional - but surely it's a lot more unprofessional to use the wrong kit LOL...
    Hi Ruth
    Your wording is good and you have obviously 'got it'!! The cut edge won't leave the area open to infection as long as the seal hasn't been broken. The 'overhang' (and I know just what you mean) should shrink but that does take a little while. if you really want to make a perfect enhanced nail quickly, you are confident tou know what you're doing, your client understands, agrees and will use oil every day, you could cut this off. Try to avoid repeating this though.
    It is fine to cut off the cuticle and spikes and hang nails.
    I'm pleased you found the article helpful xx
    Hi there, I was wondering if I could ask a question, hoping I am not asking a silly one, I read your article in scratch explaining the anatomy of the nail, lot's of things clicked into place, and I feel much more confident in educating my clients with regards to this issue, I have never really used nippers as I just wasn't confident in doing so. My question is in relation to the times whereby it may be the case the nippers have to be use. Thinking about the area that is sometimes trimmed if there is a lot of overgrowth or the sticky dead cells have pulled the folded layer of skin out, I am wondering what happens after this has been trimmed as the folded area would no longer be folded as the folded edge will have been cut leacing just a straight cut edge, Oh I hope I am explaining myself sensibly, does this leave this area open to infection? does it naturally return over time to the folded clear structure as it grows? I have clients a couple of clients that although I have softened and lifted this area, cleaned it all out and they have used cuticle oil, still are left with a large kind of overhang that prevents me applying product/polish over the nail plate, hoping my wording is understandable he he, ruth
    Hi Marian, I really hope you don't mind me messaging you, I just bought your amazing book last month, i am an aspiring nail tech, very nearly fully qualified, and i would love to keep up to date with any work you do. You truly are an inspiration . Thank You, michelle x
    OoooH I don't really know how this bit works!!
    I'm a sessions tech so I don't work in a salon. I don't do 'systems' as techs understand them. I do whatever is needed for the specific job and a semi perm nails is rarely appropriate. No, I don't mainly use CND because I use everything. However, I think the brand and S2 are great so do support them when they ask me to or when I think it's appropriate.

    Distinctive: so sorry I haven't answered!!! In my experience in the industry I do think L&P is more popular and more versatile

    Clara, Poshfloss and Maridenia. Thank you for your kind words and you are all very welcome
    Hi Marian. A question that I'm sure everyone knows the answer to but me; do you mainly use CND or another system? I too have your book! Thanks, Vicky
    Hi Marian, so lovely to have you on here.I am teaching ITEC level 2 and 3 Diploma Courses here in Fuengirola and your book is my Bible!!Thank you !!
    please forgive me for bothering you, but i really could use your advice, which in your opinion is more popular liquid+powder enhancements or bio sculpt/calgel with clients?? i have friends that do both the lady that dose calgel says it is amazing and she is very busy (but she knows at lot of people) i really dont know which to do i cant afford to do both straight away but would really like to do one or the other.
    again i hope you dont mind me contacting you for your opinion.
    kindest regards
    louise x
    great to see you last week marion xx I loved watching you paint nails and got sooo many tips xx thank you xx and you really need to write that book !! xxx
    Hello Mum,
    Thank you for painting my nails on Monday.......Everyone just loves them, won't take them off yet, will redo them on Monday.
    Really enjoyed meeting you.
    You must have been pooped by the time you finished.
    A job very well done, I really enjoyed the launch. Can't imagine how many nails you painted that day!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Angela x x x x x
    I know! Tough year for me (and everyone else). Time and cost restricts me. Feel the need to be back in the 'fold'. I like change but not too much!!! xxxxx
    Just let me know, the beds haven't gone cold all summer!! I'll be in the UK from the 10 oct - 3 nov, while the sams are at the cnd conferencein hawaii. wish I COULD BE THERE. I'm sure there will be an award for them. anytime other than those dates is good ... come on .. it's only 2 hours!! xxx :hug:
    your book is my best friend and i refer to it all the time for anything that i need confirmation for. I would like to be incuded in you list of friends. I am an older nail tech (50 years) and i am so grateful that after spending most of my working life in fianance, that i have finally found my true passion.
    I hope you don't mind my frienship request
    sally (mollylolly)
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