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  • Just to let you know Marian, visitor messages are visible to everyone and aren't the same as a private message. I doubt that the members who disagreed with you on the thread will appreciate being called "twerps"!
    I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU! We're just off to London. I'll read all about us in the mag on the way down in the car .. haven't had a chance to look yet. Can we get together?? I'm free Monday night ... call me or Sam and see iswe can meet up. Please would love to see you. 0034607386296
    Hello Witches of Nailwick.... h ah aha ha ha ... I am being naughty! So lovely that you will be there M to support if you can. Have fun!! xxx
    This trip, I will not have any spare time as we arrive Sunday afternoon in London ... go out with Ketan for dinner and then all day working on the Monday and back up to Yorkshire that evening! Samantha's got me in a different place every day that week ... Gigi on Tour!! lol Thanks for alerting Gemma ... its always good to get coverage. Ketan says the place ins only small so I hope everyone does not descend en mass at the same hour! HUGS APLENTY WHEN I SEE YOU. XX
    I'll be there (shows willing!) I've told everyone that they MUST see YOUR demo as I'm pretty sure I'll be promoting the service.

    Was talking to Gemma Ward today and said "see you there". She didn't know what Iwas talking about!! Duh! How could she miss that info. Anyway, now she knows and is going to come when I'm there too so I hope that will help trade coverage (not that you need it!!! but some extra support never hurts)

    I know you are non stop so don't expect any of your time (except a hug) Do you have any spare time at all while in town?
    Hi love, got your essage ... I hear we are going to see you and yours at the PopIts demo on Monday the 11th ... it sounds as if it is going to be really busy, so I hope we can get a few minutes !! In fact we will make sure ww will. Lookin forward to having some time together at the nailympics (not looking forward to it and having to judge those awful nails but thee you go). lol
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