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  • Hi there Samantha
    No I dont mind you contacting me at all :)!
    I would think that Pinks would be very good with regard to their Nail Tech courses. I have only done my beauty therpist course (3/4 way through at the mo) with them and found them to be very good so far!

    The staff are all very friendly and i really like doing my courses there. That said, I did do my nail course at the Nail Academy in Erdington, Birmingham. They had a few bad write ups, but to be honest, it was fine for the basics - i think any more advanced, Pinks would be your best bet.

    Hope this info helps & pls contact me any time. I dont mind at all.
    Good luck Julie x
    Thanks for the friend request ! Hope you find a course that you want and good luck with it, im sure youll do well ! haze xxxx
    hi samantha its tammy hope your well just to let you no weve have now filled the course for the 16 feb but still have the weekend course and are now running another begginers comprehensive course the following monday also
    Thanks sue, i'm already checking in every hour, only found the page a couple of days ago! lol
    Hopefully i can join you pro's soon!
    Samantha xx
    Hey sweetie
    Welcome to geekland, you are gonna love it on here, you will never catch up with housework as you will be hooked with nails and geek lol

    Sue x
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