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  • What a fabulous comment on our page, thank you so much for that. You've really made me smile xx
    is this the irish lassys group??? how r u ladies all gettin on? such a pity theres not a dedicated irish one of these beauty blogs, cud be gr8!! anyway...any beauty industry goss to report?? how did use all find the show in rds? b xx
    Awwwhhhhh thanks so much.... it's a pain in the arse trying to get a nice picture of the nails I do... they looked better in real life :)
    LOL.. I wouldn't just be kicking him out if he was my brother either... he'd be getting a kick in the you know where!!!
    Hah ha ha.. thanks for the rep chick... I'll murder a few of them, just for you :)
    as I said before..... I may not have been as eloquent as some, but I think I delivered the message LOL thanks for the rep!! xoxo
    I've deleted all the personal posts now ... but thanks for the support sweetie ... akways welcome. I thought if I left them up the girl might get slaughtered. lol
    How did you get on? Got results today, got my credit so delighted with that! Now bring on the clients!
    Well all over and done with now! Yeah went well got asked contraindicaions too so that was grand, a and p was fine prob five questions bit dodgey on! Will find out grade in a few weeks! Let me know how you get on!
    Hey hun how did your exams go? I have my holistic massage exam this wed and am v nervous! What was the paper like? Did you have June or Ruth as your examiner? What type of questions did she ask! Oh god am startin to stress now lol!
    Hi Murinette! I joined that group and thanks a million for telling me about it. I had replied to you thanking you but I didn't post it in the right place!

    Thanks again
    You're welcome and thanks for the laugh :)... yep I agree with you about Corin... I've really gone off her now... how many times can a person say "****head" before getting right on your wick!!!... she should just try and keep her mouth shut LOL
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