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    Taking on an apprentice

    Who can take on an apprentice I understand how they are payed and what costs are to whom. I don't know what makes a business eligible to take on an apprentice.... I like the idea of taking on another member but worried about costs to me (so apprentice would be cheaper) and mainly I want them to...
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    Which stamping plate is this image from? Please help

    Thanks :) x x
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    Hello I'm new

    Perfectly normal :-) Welcome to salon geek! X
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    Opening own salon?

    Thanks girls <3 all great advice xx
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    Opening own salon?

    Hi thanks for your advice ive done so much research my head will soon pop haha... thanks for your advice. Im in licolnshire. England xx
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    Opening own salon?

    Im in the middle of applying for a shop to run a nail bar from.... what advice would you give me im in my 3rd year or working as nail tech and my work is high quality, husband earns enough to take care of our home and family so what i earn being mobile/home based has always been saved or used as...
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    Why so competitive?

    Thanks guys :) you've been helpful and I've taken all advice on board! Feeling better about it today, afterall she isn't a friend just a friend of friends so no huge loss. My business is picking up nicely so im doing something well and this is all that matters :)
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    Why so competitive?

    I didn't want to block her and look petty but it seems it has come to that now :( guess I'll come across many more like this, think i need to man up lol! Thanks for your reply :) x
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    Why so competitive?

    I started out in nails about 2 yrs ago and shortly after i started working on the general public another lady within my circle of friends/family went to train also, so close to home so miffed me a little but then thought hey it'll be nice to chat nails with some 1 and im sure there will be...
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    welcome even =)

    welcome even =)
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    Your wrlelcome bo =)

    Your wrlelcome bo =)
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    My new client wants to report a bad technician

    I agree its better than nothing x
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    My new client wants to report a bad technician

    Hi geeks sorry for the delay in reply, these nails have clearly been over filed she has deep ridges that are a orange/red colour in what would have been the cuticle area (now grown a little) the nails are still on so i don't know about underneath but surely this can't be her fault, i know what...
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    Winnie the Pooh's Piglet nails with nail art?

    Can any1 help tell me/show me any ideas/tutorials on how do this? Thanks geeks