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  • Hi Happy New Year to you. Holidays were fab fab fab. Eat loads and trying to get rid of the excess pounds, lol. XX
    hi leah i am back on geek after a long while i lost my pasword and it never occured to me to request help from the moerator. silly me. so whats been going on all this time in my absence
    It IS a situation, that's for sure. It's slowly making its way up the east coast. The refineries are supposed to be back up and running in a couple of weeks...
    Good, good. Went down south this past weekend, and they ain't LYING bout the gas shortage! It was crazy!

    Who would have thought the US would ever see these days...

    How was your weekend?
    Hiya sweetie! I'm good. Just finished a relationship that was proving too hard to handle, shame cos it was just fab to begin with. trying to build up my nail business as my new salon. How's things with you xxx
    Working like a crazy busy bee. Clients have me hopping, kids have me running in circles... life is insane. I wanna stop the bus and get off for a nap HAHAHA
    how's thngs with you?
    hi ! i hope i added you as a friend ! i noticed that you use le chat, i think i'm going to order nobility ! x
    Hey chica, long time no see, where you been hiding?

    Nice to see you back.
    Hey chic, how are you? We always manage to miss each other! Hope you are really well! XX
    Nafia, I did that but I was wondering what brand of glue u used? I have tried 4 different kinds and my paper always puckers along the sides when I use it on a high arched nail. Can you give me any pointers?
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