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  • Hey Nafia! I wanted to ask if you glue the money on the nail and then put clear acrylic over, or do you lay the money in the acrylic, cap with clear then file? What are your steps? My acrylic does'nt saturate the paper, even if I soak it in monimer. I always get pauckers around the edges on high arched nails!
    Hi Nafia :) Thanks for accepting my friend request. And nice to meet you here too. You are also on my myspace friend list. I like what you have done :)
    I'm really well Nafia. Hope you are too. XX. We keep missing each other. How are things at your end? Hope you are really busy, earning lots of money! XX
    Hey :)
    I've just joined this new forum for hair, its really informative. I'm gonna give the recipe thing ago. Do you know of any really good prepoo and moisturiser recipes? I'm trying to do away with the motions/lusters and go eau naturel lol
    Yeh weekend was good, busy, but good!! your so talented you know I hope I can be that good at nails one day!!! Been looking at your nail pics!
    Yeh its been a while!! Must keep in touch more! Hope your having a good weekend, just going to make a fry up for hubby as its father's day, lol!! :) What you up too?
    Hi Nafia, I just saw your comment on my profile. I live near Peoria, it's about 2 1/2 hours from Chicago.
    Hi Nafia, I noticed you left a comment in my photo album. Those nails took me forever! But I really enjoyed creating them. I used some gold nugget that I bought about 20 yaers ago. I like being able to see through the nail wear I left the nails bare. I think I will do those again someday. But I try not to ever duplicate a design on my own nails.
    Thanks for the complements. Tess
    Hello sweet cheeks..yeah its been a long while...i suddenly remembered salon geek exsited...along with all my bills and tax returns,stock takes and crap....xx
    hi nafia im new to this salon geek im a newly qualified opi nail technician and im wanting to open my own salon in the small village i live in as there is a market for this im just after advice and support from fellow members already in the nail sector hope you dnt mind me messagin you thanx
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