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  • Hi Nafia, I delete my messages after I read them so I know whixh ones I read. I keep the ones that I might need to refer to. I thought I was suposed to! Am I doing it wrong? I'm new at this stuff!
    Nafia, remember when on my thread where I shared my pics for the first time, and the first reply from someone was negitive, and you said: art is subjective ladies! Well guess what! I won my first comp. 500.00 you can see TEENy my bride at in bridal art comp.
    Thanks for telling everyone that art is subjective! There are alot of things on nail sites that I don't care for but I would just not comment!
    Hi Nafia, The chicago yn class was awesome! Wish I could have met you. I did meet billne from though.
    Darn missed you again! Sorry I was on the phone talking to my bf he's just got back from San Fan, so I'm all jellyfied with excitement :)
    Hey hun yeh it has been!! I've been so busy past few weeks keeping up with everything & getting on comput has been a challenge, lol!!
    I'm doing a 10k run for cancer research on sunday!!! Had a couple of sponsers on here on line & from others so no backing out now, lol!! Also doing a fundrasier the day before!! I'm doing sponsered waxing!!! Should be fun!! :)
    What you been up too?
    Nafia, I now have some pic's! Hope you are going to yn class in chicago on the 18 th. It would be nice to meet some fellow geeks.
    yes it a cool looking red bright red and in the sun
    some of it looks pink it cool
    Good Morning!Thank you for your request:) Always nice to meet new people and especially new geeks xxx
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