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  • Awwww your my frist friend on here thanks for the add . I really love your tutorial on twisted nails was great A+++ keep up the good work.
    Hey , I just popped by to say hello , hope you are well xxxx minky x :hug:
    Hiya, thanks for your message, hope all is well with you :)

    Am OK thanks, haven't been around so much of late, have been doing things like decorating and sorting the house out lol...
    all is great here everything good with your nails and hows
    the other 3 scholarships going
    I know, money is tight everywhere these days. Because of the mortgage situation in the US, banks over here are getting a bit "antsy" as they say, its harder for people to get mortgages and respossessions have been going up, not as bad here as in the US, but still people are worried and are being careful on how they spend their money.

    They were saying on the news the other day that, the cost of living, utilities, food, travel, etc has gone up by about £90 per month, but peoples salaries have not gone up in line with that so they are cutting back on holidays and treats.

    We are OK as our mortgage is a repayment one and we only have about two years left on it before it is finally gone, but I do feel for people who have mortgages that they cant afford, I truely believe that banks have a lot to answer for in this respect.

    Now thats me had my rant for the morning. I gotta take the dog for a walk before she chews my leg off.

    Try and get some sleep hun, or you'll be no good for anything today.

    Chat again soon.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    You are tired hun, had to read that last noty twice!!! But I get what you mean, I hate waiting for anything - I think I lost my patience when I had my baby!

    Trish xxxxxxxxx
    Wow, I suppose I assumed because they are made for you that they would be more expensive. Thats very good.

    Though we ar'nt getting such a good deal on the exchange rate with the Euro at the moment so things in Europe are getting more expensive, not such a bargain anymore, pooh. Thats why I want to go to the US this year as its just about £2 to the $, fab for us, not so fab if you want to come see us in the UK.

    Will just have to work on the hubs a lot harder and maybe we will be over in the US for October, woo hoo.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Wish I could afford that but cant unfortunately, well I could if I didnt spend all my money on going on holiday and handbags!!!
    I know ...........................

    I was gutted, must have tried on about 50 pairs before I gave up, much to hubs. and daughters relief (they did'nt fit her either shes got huge feet, tee hee). He doesnt like Italian shoes, they are a bit gay for his tastes (boring old man that he is).

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Course I bought a bag, cant go to italy and not buy a bag. No shoes though, they dont fit me my feet are too wide, Italian women have small skinny feet, damn!!!!!!!!

    I have sleeping probs too hun, all caused by being a mum - I think anyway.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks hun, prob is we just had one, we were in italy for a week only 3 weeks ago!!!

    It must be the crack of dawn in Chicago you are up very early today?

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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