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  • The course I was going to do, am having second thoughts as people keep saying I dont need it and its a waste of money as all I need is practice is £85.00 in Cardiff with Claire Taylor. She has a company partnership in England as well somewhere not quite sure where lol. Will look into again, but I just show up with a Model and she uses her Gelish Products and shows me how to probably prep and apply application and do simple nail art with the Gelish. I think I am going to go for it, It will really give me a confidence boost on other people. I have my first Spa Manicure coming up in two weeks and I am very nervous as I have only been practicing on my husband's family as all mine live in England and in the US.
    How long have you been doing nails? I have only really gotten into them end of last Will have to invest in the structure bond for sure though, think I really need that.
    Carla xx
    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for replying back to my message :), never heard of CND having a scrubfresh product will look into that, I too am using normal acetone and I find it is really dyhrating the nail too much if you know what I mean and yeah it does take quite a bit too come off. I will look into the CND/Harmony remover too. I get my wraps from Essential Nails (doing a Mani/pedi course with them) and I get about 50 for £5.95. Think that is the cheapest and good quality ones I found if you wanna look into them :)
    She could of actually, now thinking back of touched her face. Thanks for these tips, I really do appreciate it!
    With these people it's actually costing me even more as I have started using structure gel on all of their nails or the thumb and the index finger at least as they seem to be the worst culprits but it is helping quite a bit. As another step I have today started using scrubfresh from CND as I hear it's a good product to use in prep for ANY nail system. Oh and I have also stopped using pure acetone for removal and find by using the Harmony or CND remover the product is coming off much easier and keeping the nail stronger for the next application.

    As regards your sister in law the fact that the gel came off in whole may have been down to the nail not having been hydrated quite enough or, if you do the thumbs last after the rest of the fingers, was there a chance she may have touched her face or hair with it before you applied the product and maybe got oil back into it?
    Hi there

    Happy to let you know how I've been getting on. Since taking my 1 day translation course I've been even more thorough in my prep and made absolutely sure I cap around the edge every layer - I think I may have been missing the corners here and there. It's actually started to take me a little longer per set but it seems to be paying off and I'm having less problems. I still haven't got many clients who I charge (as yet) and still do a few members of the family and close friends for free (well £20 here and there to build up my colour range). It does seem that those free people are generally the ones having more problems earlier on (say around 7-10 days) and they do mostly admit to not wearing gloves for washing up much or applying oil enough.

    Continued in another message as not allowed too many characters!!!
    Hi, I saw your post recently about some clients not getting the full wear out of their gelish and wondering if things have gotten any better? I was thinking using the structure bond as I too am having trouble with the thumbs lol. I did a french on my sis in law and after a measly 4 days her thumb came off in a sweep.. I did ask her has she been following the aftercare sheet i gave her and she said she used the oil once. I find it very stressful as I do a good(well im only new to this but i think it was good anyway lol) and she doesnt seem to take care of it. I however did the same and wasnt charging family as I am new to this uv gel polish but i love it! Am doing a one to one course in June so im hoping that would help with my confidence on applying the application. xx
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