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    Don't mind you messaging at all. Not sure I can help as I'm not on here too oftern. You can...

    Don't mind you messaging at all. Not sure I can help as I'm not on here too oftern. You can post questions in the Forums - everyone's really helpful and I'm sure you'll get some good advice. Which village are you in? Tracey
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    Glitter natural nail tips

    I use a glitter striper - I find the brush easier to get a good smile line with.
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    I'm mobile and I find a tunic with a pocket in really useful for car keys, mobile phone, tweezers etc that I don't want to put down just anywhere or risk leaving at someone's house. Unfortunately a lot of the nice tunics now don't have pockets!
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    how long should bio gels last once opened

    I find Bio sculptures work well although I don't like doing them. A lot depends on the client and her lifestyle. Some really like Bio sculptures, some prefer overlays, some can manage OK with Bio over tips and others can't, and some just prefer L&P. It's trial and error - no one thing...
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    how long should bio gels last once opened

    Yes, I've found my white goes thicker (and a bit stringy) after a while and it becomes more difficult to work with. When I get a new pot I decant half of it into another (cleaned) pot so I'm only using a half at a time which keeps the other half nice and new. I also find adding a bit of...
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    FAO mobile therapists

    Hi I do a 10-mile radius then charge 80p per mile over that. HTH
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    How many forum members does it take?

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    MOBILE TECH' far are you prepared to travel to your clients?

    I have a 20-mile round-trip limit, with a £10 minimum charge. Then it's 75p per extra mile.
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    Passed My Bio Sculpture Assessment Today!

    Congratulations and well done! Are you doing the sculpting course in Coventry??
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    Clients and Mobile Phones

    Brilliant!! Can you do a training course, or at least a tutorial please??!!
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    Any Geeks Been Getting Free Scratch Mags?

    I got a couple of copies of PN free and thought it was because I have my insurance with them. However, when they stopped arriving I rang to query it and was told that I wasn't actually getting them as part of the insurance deal (I'd not ticked the right box - doh!!), but that I was...
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    What's in for Spring??

    I was wondering that too. Surely you'd have to do the lunula first, swiping the edge to get it crisp, then butt the next colour to it - maybe, eh???
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    Home based salons, does this happen to you?

    You could arrange for a friend/neighbour to come round pretending to be your next appointment. Touble is, if you've got things to do, you might not be able to get rid of her either!!!
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    You know your nails are too long when...

    ... you can knit a with them instead of needles. Brill thread!
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    Disillusioned with the state of the Nail Industry? - here's one for us ALL to debate!

    This is what I was meaning. If we stay solid, maintain our levels and don't see each other as a threat, the industry can only benefit. But, as has been said, consumers need educating too. I didn't know Creative was such a reputable company with high training standards until I found this...