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  • Hi, I have been looking at your pics and see you use Gelish with the CND Additives. I am only qualified through Gelish but bought the Violet Pearl and absolutely loved the effect I could achieve. I wonder if you could recommend a few of the other Additives to add to my 1. Did you do a training course or did you just play? Many thanks in anticipation, all the best Libby
    Hello lovey, hows you?
    just a quick question? what would you put over if you was doing French Gelish, ie You do prep, then foundation, French, then what would you put over Pink etc then top coat x
    Hello huni, Thank you for your help in the chrome Gelish, have you tryed this, & what else do you put the night shimmer over, I dont want to but it just for one client xx
    Oh lucky you! I hate that feeling when uv been away somewhere & u first step off the plane to sub zero!! Yeah im fine, started doing more "humans" now lol, The Hairdresser close to me has also opened a nail bar but they are doing Gels so thats not so bad. x
    Hi, just popped in to say hello! Not been "active" for a while, how's things x
    Thanks Carol, that would be great to go to the event next year, i know i missed out on so much, keep up with the hard work lol xx
    Florida!!! lucky you, we are going to dalyan which is along a river which leads to the mud baths, glad your kept busy too, winter can actually be a busy time with xmas parties etc, and i always thought jan feb march would be quiet but i was really busy then too, do you do spray tans cos that would really boost your income, i never went to the event in the end cos didnt want to go on my own, and hate being a cling on lol did you enjoy it? how amazing is shellac??? my clients love it and alot are ditching their extensions for it which is brill!!!
    take care
    sam x
    Hi Carol, sorry not been in touch for ages, i haven't been on here for a while, are you still working part time or have you ditched your job completely yet for nails? im so busy at work, been doing 10 hour days and im shattered but just taken on a 16 hour lady to help so once shes fully trained it should be better, we are off to turkey in 6 weeks so at least i can chill for 2 weeks, have you been away?

    sam xxxx
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