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  • Aww you should have come in.
    If your not busy Friday eve come to the salon, I'm having a Body Shop party...bring a freind...bring several :lol: (7pm start)
    I'll be there 2dy lol.
    Bree was supposed to be there yestrday..hmmm...
    Just because this thing is on it doesn't mean I'm sat in front of it all the time...honest :lol:
    see u later
    I agree it is great to be back, things have changed so much and there is so much to learn and it is so much fun. I started off working at home and then by chance was offered a job in a salon and now I am fully booked on the days I am in. I still have teething problems though and just hope to get better fingers crossed x
    Thank you for the friend request, this is a great site. I have just come back into the industry after years out and still feel nervous doing nails, I will get there and its great to be able to find others in the same situation. Thank you for making a new member to the site feel welcome xx
    Morning lol
    If your free this morning, pop in and have a coffee with me, I don't think I've got anybody in till after 12.
    I should be there around 10.30ish
    Omg :lol: it's you :lol:.
    I did get the message from Bree that someone had been in.
    Your more than welcome to pop in for a chat and a panad.
    I'm in on Tues,Weds and Sats on a reg basis but I do pop in on Thurs nd Fri just to keep an eye on the place :lol:.

    If your free on tuesday I've got a quieter than normal day, can't remember what the rest of the week is like without looking at the book.

    See ya soon I hope
    Just wanted to say Hi to a fellow wales geek lol
    where abouts in Gwnedd are you?
    Im doing quite well, for a student anyway lol, I love the creative L&P, its so nice to use, we shall be doing practicle assesments before xmas, so Im a bit nervous and excited at the same time, I just love this industry now, considering I never even picked up a polish till sept 07, I'm a nail addict now :).
    I hope your course goes well too, Im sure it will, I would like to further my education too, but one step at a time hey :)
    Did u say u used primer?
    I wonder what it is where doing wrong:S
    i might ask my tutor at college i did one yesterday tho on my middle nail an acrylic i mean and i roughed it all up u know the nail plate where nail primer goes and it's not lifted yet but i extended the nail plate so.. coulod b cos ive got 2 tips on it's staying on
    Hya thanks for the message, well i've been doing acrylic nails havn't been trained etc it's just from watching alot of times and advice off my tutor but the acrylic comes off (all of it in one sheet) from the cuticle and gets stuck at the free edge cos obviously the tips glued on so it's preventing it from coming off, and i've just noticed people use nail primer what is this? is it to prevent the acrylic coming off like it comes off with me?? Also have u got any advice about gel nails which makes to use etc.. as my boyfriend's getting me loads of stuff i'm starting them fro xmas!!! :D
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