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  • yeah that's what i do i put the circle bit on the back, but the forms keep dropping and doing my head in lol
    ha yeah getting alot in just hate doing sculptures so much, im fine with everything else just hate sculpting, yeah she's nuts, she ended up saying to the lassie next to us 'that posh **** is doing my nut in' & the lassie goes 'thats my cousin' omg i was in stitches haha!!
    i go back the 11th and 18th & yeah i know i was fuming and my model was raging too, shes one of these very outspoken people and i had to stop her from shouting haha!
    Basically just said i needed a wee bit more time, but i was using winning white when i was more used to using the other white, just couldnt get the ratio right for winning white! so i just got myself in a panic really lol, liz was being a proper cow to me that night tho! i asked for wipes n i had my hand up n she threw them at me like i was a ****ty nappy, i was so angry lol xx
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