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  • Hi hunny, am just about to upload the pics, I will put them in my album and do a link. There are pics of a girl with blonde hair in lots of different bikinis in the Saturday magazine of the paper, is that your model? xxxxx
    Hi Sharon, we have been Distribution and Training Centre for Sienna x for a year now. Also of course for CND, we have a great place at Newbridge if you ever want to visit. Having an amazing Open Day on Sunday with Samuel & Samantha Sweet, Gigi Rouse all of the team, hope you can pop in? Fiona x
    Same goes for you too. If you'd like a hand, eyebow, leg etc to practise on, just give me a shout. I'll leave the bikini waxes for the moment! LOL xx
    hi there sprayed wd40 on it and it seems to work. Lost my confidence in spraying as I think its going to stop working. Will let you know how things go
    Hey you, how are you? I hope you love the popits, I'm sure you will, we are having a fantastic time with them in the salon! Fee and I are doing each other's nails in 30 mins!
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