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  • Hiya Natalie,
    Thank you for my nails, I am sure that you will do well within the nail industry. Keep up the hard work. xx
    Apparently Excel this year wasn't great, but I guess if we went without any expectations, then it may be ok! xxx
    I don't know! Have never been to a show before, and nor do I have anyone to go with! Was thinking whether or not to compete as a novice, but I really don't think I'm good enough, and would have to be on my nail trainer 24/7 from now on!!! Are you going? xxx
    Thanks for the msg on my blog hun! Nice to think that I have actually managed to help someone! :) xxx
    Good luck with your training in Bournemouth....you have chosen wisely...LOL...you will get alot out of it,i am sure xxx...incidentally who is training you...i am a brisa girl myself...it is great xx
    Excellent! Are you already trained for those? Will keep my eyes and ears out and if I see any jobs, I'll let you know!! I am good thanks, just trying to drum up some business! x
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