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  • Hi there, I just had to say how beautiful your nail photos are. you are truly talented :)
    Hi, I've just had a look at your website and you do a wonderful set of nails they are really lovely. Emily x
    had a little tour of your nail albulms, and had to say that they are fantasic!! x ruth
    I need to change that, my Ex's father had just died, and it was beyond belief xxx
    hi i was just looking at your gallery too, lovely work. i also wondered about the colours in your custom blends
    Hi Nailartist
    I have looked at your new gallery and they are amazing, could you tell me what the colors are for your costom blends?

    Regards Bonnie
    Hi There! Just wanted to say that I visited your nail gallery... Wow!! Beautiful and lovely work!!

    when you get another letter about EA's blah blah blah, it means they got your packet and are adding you to the CONSIDER ME pile, and someone should be calling you soon.

    Thats what little birds i call and stalk tell me :)

    I did NOT use any physical threats. Today. ;)
    If you hear anything back, lol, it will be in the form of a packet mailed toyou rom CND containing an application to fill out. :)
    I know, I was on pins and needles the whole time lol.

    Now I'm just on a different SET of pins and needles :)
    send away, I may answer it in the morning though lol, I NEED GO NITE NITE. I have to find a way to peel myself away from this stinky laptop.
    Ok, it doesn't really SMELL, but you know what i mean :)
    And you know I can't do what everyone ELSE is doing lol. That's why I have BLUE hair. It makes me feel like wonderwoman.
    I sent a resume, cover letter, portfolio, pic of ME, and copy of my gm cert. And EVERYTHING is being re-done- Call Reina, ask her if you need a re-do. And I mean EVERYTHING. Lots of changes girl.
    Didja see the ring I made with color L&P??? Look in my various work album, black with a red ring.
    Did you send off your resume to Vista yet?
    I got an application packet in the mail last week. WOOT WOOT.
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