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  • Hey Brook how are you it's good to hear from you lol. I have been sooo busy so much so that I have not been able to get on site, I haven't stoped going since valentines (I had a break with hubby then it was non stop all the way, I did go to the excel exhibition in London it was great
    CND's monomer products are Radical, Retention+ and Moxie. You must be refering to one of these.
    High performance sounds more like a marketing tag line.,
    I hope that helps.
    Hey Brooke, I am fine thanks, how are you, I suppose you have been really busy, how are things going? You can email me if you like,
    Hey Brooke, long time I missed you where have you been? The move is on the move, hehehaha. We are rteally close to closing the deal and moving,
    Thank you for the lovely message you've left on my page. :D
    I got my fruit slices from a uk website. There are lots of lovely polymer art canes for sale on etsy.com. This is an american site, I hope this helps.
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