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  • Hi Lisa, how ya doing? and thanks for the compliment. I find alot of the time yellowing can be due to brush contamination. Make sure your brush is cleaned after every client and stored correctly in its own box too. If you're using coloured gel this could also be a cause for yellowing if you are not thoroughly cleaning your brush.
    Another thing to look out for is, are you letting the primer dry before application?
    Does the yellow file off or is it actuall in the gel. Are your clients wearing nail polish without a good quality basecoat. Even some cheap topcoat can turn yellow.

    With regards to the client who uses tanning lotions. This will discolour the nail so you need to rule this out with her. Are her nails turning yellow shortly after visiting you?

    I use Creative Nail Design and would recommend them. I've use L&P with Retention and Brisa Gel. I would recommend Creative to anyone. The only time i've had yellowing was because my brush was contaminated.
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