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  • I did, Jen. Thanks. I ate (and drank) more than I should so it's back to reality. I see from your blog that things are taking off for you. I'm so happy!!!! Still can't pull up your fab Halloween nail art, though.
    thanks for checking in. yeah, been having a tough time in my personal life. but the salon has picked up and i'm fully booked until november so i'm just busying myself with work.
    Thank you for the rep...Hammer, here I come! returned the favor, because you are a sweetheart x
    Yes I know it's just annoying as there are so many threads started that don't fit there or don't ask a question. Biggest problem is that it's driving us girls off the site as we just don't have time to plough through so many threads that are asking the same questions over and over. Shame really. Thanks again for the rep! xxx
    Thanks for the rep my darling, I thought you might get it! They have moved it now though so not as many people who it would have helped will see it now! xxx
    lmao i am totally the same and drive my hubby insane. i can't "help" him doing work when he is up to it because i want to take everything to pieces and find out why and what for and where haha xx
    Me too haha i tend to learn all the oddbod things that spark interest in my mind - never met anyone else who is interested too so have proudly added my closet nerd to my friends list ;) xxx
    Thanks for the rep hunny :D I know wayyyy too much about water lmao I have several tanks at home and the marine ones are about being a "water keeper" more than a "fish keeper" because with bad water you have no fish lol the levels have to be checked twice weekly in my tank and my testing kit is a briefcase with 8 test tubes and lots of chemicals haha xxx
    Hi, you're just 2 yrs older than i am so that makes 2 of us starting out late!! just got into NVQ Nail Technician course at college today, I'm ecstatic! loved looking at ur album, ur nail designs are fab! can we be friends please? x
    Nice to meet you :-D ive looked at your album here and like your work :) some nails we have are similar tho :-D

    Hey , its good to know soneone in the city as didnt notice too many irish geeks :-/ :)
    I'm southside, Lifey valley is close, M50 cuts through if that helps LOL. Oh not sad at all! I'm like that for Xfactor and a Sat night out must have a pub showing it :)
    Off to bed now... going on me hols to Spain tomorrow... they better show BB in the pubs over there or I'll be gutted... how sad am I?
    Whoops just saw your reply to my message.. can't see it unless you go into my profile... anyway, typical Dub, I've no idea where Clondalkin even is :lol:
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