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    Geek Secret Santa Christmas Cards 2011- Sign up!

    I didn't get one either, but no biggie :) Mine was received and I was thanked so I know it got there safely :D
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    How sad is this??

    It's so heart warming to hear from both the OP and others that supportive and interested partners do exist! Fair play, well done and Yay! for those :) I'm stuck with someone who tells people I'm a beautician who does makeup and nails :( I'm a Beauty Therapist, Massage Therapist and a...
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    Thanks for the friend request xxxx

    Thanks for the friend request xxxx
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    Supportive Others

    What a fantastic idea! I have a few friends who will listen but not understand. Hubbie, well he has his views on the entire beauty industry which means he isn't exactly supportive! From experience I would have thrown the towel in if it wasn't for The Geeks, especially Gr8nailz and...
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    Favourite Xmas nails so far!

    So pretty! Well done
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    Made 2 errors on a client last night :( - Shellac

    Please please stop beating yourself up! OK you know you made some technical mistakes, but if my polish finish was as good as yours I would be doing cartwheels across the floor! Those nails look really nice, and professional.
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    You are welcome x

    You are welcome x
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    Thank you for the rep x

    Thank you for the rep x
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Mine are similar to yours minus the gems!
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    UV top coat over polish

    Star Nails clear Quattro can be used over normal polish on natural nails. It will need to be buffed off though before polish removal. If you do choose that, the polish has to be pefectly dry before applying. It adds more time to service but gives a lovely result.
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    Big thank you to Nail Geek

    I'm very very thankful for this site for many reasons. Like many, I've learned a hell of a lot more here than in college. I would be lost without this place xxxxx There are a few nice people here too I suppose :D
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    Out of the mouths of babes

    OMG that is so funny!
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    Out of the mouths of babes

    I was in the shop today and chatting to the girl behind the counter, my daughter obviously just remembered and said rather loudly 'Mam you said to remind you to get Durex' Well the girl beind the counter almost had a fit laughing! I asked my daughter what she was on about. ' You said you needed...
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    Looking for a cover pink polish (for French)

    I will check that one out thanks. Just googled and that seems a better colour. I'm heading to the wholesaler on Wed.
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    What are we hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?

    If you write a really nice letter you might get one :)